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Central Lonsdale’s Facelift. Creating North Vancouver’s Revitalized City Centre.

Blog by Troy Newport | January 28th, 2018

Central Lonsdale’s Facelift. Creating North Vancouver’s Revitalized City Centre.
By Troy Newport. T. Newport Real Estate. January 22, 2018

Anyone who has visited the Central Lonsdale area in the past year has noticed major change in the area; new buildings, new retailers and new local amenities. From interesting art pieces to new residential and commercial space, the Central Lonsdale area of North Vancouver is under immense revitalization. The City and District of North Vancouver have always been quietly regarded as the sleepy cousin of Vancouver proper but, as we have been experiencing for the past decade, North Vancouver is now making major changes to create smaller connected neighbourhoods rivaling the Vancouver staples of Yaletown, Kits and Mt. Pleasant.

The Central Lonsdale area is gearing up for many more years of revitalization efforts from both the public and private development sectors and with the anticipated population growth in the area there will be a direct increase in retail, office and restaurant space. Many of us who frequent the area often have noticed the most recent addition to the Central Lonsdale area, Centreview, located at 125 E 14th and 112 E 13th Street(s).  The residential towers opened to home owners in the summer of 2017 and are now nearing completion with over 300 strata condominium units including an owner/guest amenity package rivalled by only one other current project on the North Shore. Centreview also offers a vast amount of space for retail, restaurants and office space with the main floor of both towers consisting of commercial storefront units, as well as, an additional stand-alone commercial space. The nearly 200,000 square feet of office/commercial space is nearing completion, which will accommodate many businesses wishing to locate in the Central Lonsdale area.  Notable tenants moving into Centerview include Whole Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, Hub Restaurant and I suspect Starbucks will acquire space in the near future (they just closed their 13th and Lonsdale location due to redevelopment).

Centreview, albeit the largest, is not the only recently completed or pre-construction development in the area. Other developments in the area that have started or are expected to begin construction in the next 6 months are a rental-only building by Hollyburn Properties on the site of the old Nando’s chicken/Starbucks commercial building on the west side of the 1300 block of Lonsdale and a condominium/townhouse project by award winning Adera Development Corp. at the site of the old Telus works yard on the north east of Keith and Lonsdale. The Adera project is expected to bring approximately 178 residential units to the area. There are a number of other projects that I will save for future articles but if you find yourself interested, you can check out all of the development in the City of North Vancouver by CLICKING HERE.

Central Lonsdale has many older 3 and 4 storey apartment buildings and single storey commercial space that may be gearing up for redevelopment in the foreseeable future based on the City of North Vancouver’s exciting Development Plan for the area. I currently reside in Central Lonsdale and definitely welcome the new additions to the diverse neighbourhood.

Thinking of buying or selling real estate in the Central Lonsdale area?  Please give me a call!

I live, love and know the area and the potential opportunities it currently offers!

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